P1 Traffic Machine Review

When it comes to Internet marketing, Peter Garety is ahead of his class. Over the years, he has put out some amazing products and has built a substantial fan base.  Typically, he focuses on WordPress related tools since they can have the biggest impact for the average marketer and are generally easier to use.  This being the case, it should come as no surprise that the P1 Traffic Machine solution is no different.

What is the P1 Traffic Machine?

According to the marketing materials, it’s a “remarkable software [that] automates rankings for your subscribers”.  Of course this sounds great, but the question is what does this really mean?

Almost every marketer has multiple web sites that he or she takes care of -whether focused on affiliate marketing, lead gen, e-commerce, or just a straight WordPress content site.  Regardless of the site, one thing that they all have in common -no matter how large or small- is that each site needs traffic.  Traffic leads to sales, so the more the better obviously. Without traffic, your site is just another link floating around in Google’s vast collection waiting to be discovered.

Simply put, the P1 Traffic Machine system gets natural traffic from Google by giving the search engine the one thing it loves most: fresh content organized in an understandable, logical fashion.  When Google sees all of this great content on a web site, it naturally begins ranking the site better.  Lots of long tail searches start showing up, all pulling in traffic on auto-pilot.  It really is “set it and forget it”.

Also, keep in mind that most of P1 Traffic Machine’s competitors use weak content that tends to get flagged as spam.  More often than not, the companies are cutting corners by continuously uploading the exact same content or if you’re “lucky” they post spun content that is almost completely unintelligible.  Needless to say, Google isn’t a fan. So, why waste your money on competitive sites and software when you get something that will actually work?

How does the P1 Traffic Machine Work?

How the software works is easily the most important part.  If I’m honest, I’m a rather lazy marketer and I really don’t want to do a lot of work. Not only does it cut into time that I could be spending developing content or pulling in potential customers, I simply don’t have the desire to do all of the work myself!

Luckily for me, P1 works!

I’ve had great success with this company and I’m sure you will too.  It is incredibly easy to use and really is a plug, play, and forget software.  At the most, you will need to invest 5 minutes of your time to see amazing results.

Peter Garety and his team have always been known for their excellent customer service and wonderful products so you can rest assured that the P1 Traffic Machine follows the same high standards. Peter Garety has paid attention to the feedback received and invested a lot of time, effort, and attention into the system and has made it one of the easiest software programs out there. No need for fancy jargon or a thick instruction manual; simply click your mouse a few times and call it quits while the program does the rest.

Simply install the WordPress plugin, add in your keyword, and click the magic GO button.  The system then goes out and finds the categories for your keyword and populates those with articles.  It should also be noted that each of these articles are filled with unique, fresh, new content that Google absolutely adores; no spun or spam junk.  It even handles the SEO that you need to automatically grab those keyword rankings.

Point, click, done.  Check out this diagram that explains the process visually:


So what is the actual review?
Unlike many products, this one is actually really easy to get rolling.  It follows industry best practice for ranking web sites – fresh content, well organized page structure, good keyword density and on-page SEO. There are also no painstaking 12 step processes to go through when filling in your information.
If you’re an affiliate guy, you will need to add those links to the system.  But once that’s done, you’re set up and ready to go. Simply put, it does exactly what it says it’ll do which is exactly what almost everyone needs: fresh, Google-friendly content posted to pull in rankings and traffic. As an added bonus, the entire process is automated and done for you within about two minutes of set up time.
Bottom line: Don’t waste your time with competitor sites or companies. They can be costly, time consuming, and typically don’t work. P1 Traffic Machine is simple to use, reasonably priced, does ALL of the work for you, and you will see lasting results in little to no time.  All of your WordPress websites should have it and if they don’t, you are doing yourself a major injustice.

How can I get it?

What type of review would this be without a link to buy the P1 Traffic Machine software?!  You can pick it up from the web site here:  http://www.p1trafficmachine.co.

This should be the first plugin you install on any new WordPress site that you want to get traffic to.

What do others say?

I can count on less than 10 fingers people whose advice has radically changed my approach to business in the last 2 years.  Peter Garety is one of those individuals.  What’s interesting to me is that some of the breakthroughs he has given me haven’t come out of any formal product, training, coaching session, or whatever.  They have come about just in normal conversation.  This I think is what makes him such a great person to learn from because just by being around him you’re going to get some of the best insights into what you can do to make your year the best yet. Beyond that Peter is a source of inspiration, which in my opinion is equally valuable.  Here is a guy who didn’t know English OR internet marketing just a little while ago… and not only did he simultaneously learn both… he leapt onto the scene in record time and create a MASSIVE following.
-  Jason Fladlien

Peter is one of those few marketers who just do things right.  I’ve had the privilege of working with Peter as a partner, friend, marketer, and affiliate and there isn’t a moment that goes by where he isn’t looking out for his customers, JVs, partners, friends, and every stakeholder.  He has a true and honest “let’s make this a win-win-win for everybody” philosophy and that combined with his business and marketing acumen makes him a true champ in this industry.

- Kenster

Peter Garety has a huge following for one simple reason…  He cares.  And I’m not just talking about the thousands of rabid fans he has, he has a following of JV partners and is a major authority in our industry.  If this guy wants to win a JV competition, he will win it because his buyers are 100% behind him.  English is not his first language yet he sells more effectively than 99% of his competition coming up with amazing unique hooks that suck buyers in, and doing it in a way that delivers huge value. He’s been an incredible JV partner for me, shifting 1000 copies of my product in just a single week.  He is a machine!  But it’s not the amount of copies he sells for me that matters. He’s a friend I can trust, who expands my knowledge, and who inspires me to think big in my business.

- Chris Munch

Peter is one of the best marketers I know – his products and customer support are first class, and his knowledge of the industry and marketing strategies and funnels are second to none.  Like all of the best marketers, he treats his customers like royalty, and this can be seen by the huge fan base that follows his launches and his leaderboard-dominating promotions. On top of all this, his EPCs are stellar, so promoting him and having him as a friend and JV partner will be one of the best moves you can make in this industry.

- Stephen Renton

Again, if you have WordPress web sites or want to start, pick up this tool and add it to your arsenal.

Go get the P1 Traffic Machine now!

Want to learn more? Check out these helpful videos that explain the software in detail! 





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